About us

The consumer is located at the entrance of the Ma’ale Gamla seat on the Golan Heights. Avner runs the consumer business together with his brother over 30 years . During the 30 years Avner learned who their customers are in order to provide the best service possible. You will find a wide variety of quality products at affordable prices in the consumer market. Burks, vegetables, meats, ice creams, breads and more. Avner Asher and their employees will welcome you and will be happy to provide you with service. Consumers have a large courtyard with marble tables, and a cool shade net and of course air conditioning. Every morning there are pitot and hot burakas. You are welcome to stop by for burakas, just take wet wipes with you because we are not responsible for the results. you are around the eastern part of the Sea of Galilee and looking for a good grocery store who has everything? And convenient for shopping? You’ve come to the right place! put our address on waze and come say hello :). 

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